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Originally Posted by Flash951 View Post
No, the C64 MCI/FLI uses two different colors on the same pixel in interlaced screenmode to make a new "third" color.
FLI has nothing to do with interlace though.

In practice this will give maybe 30 more colors in addition to the sixteen built in, because you have to use low contrast once to not have flickering. In theory, maybe 128 colors.
You get exactly 136 different color combinations, how many of them are useful is a different matter.

Originally Posted by Flash951 View Post
Even if the Atari 520 ST was 28 MHz and the Amiga 5 MHz, the Amiga would be the more powerful machine.
Depends on what you do with them, the ST is better suited for certain tasks while the Amiga is better at others.

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