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Re: A1000 questions?

Originally posted by staticgerbil

Just a couple questions about my old 1000.

Reading the thread about loving 4000's adolescent said...

Does that include the 1000 because i can't find any jumpers at all?
I have a pic of the mb if it would help.

Next it has a switch on the front that seems to make DF1: DF0:
Is this any use other than with one of those devices that lets you run a hard drive instead of the internal floppy? I presume it must have had one of them in it at some stage.

Lastly i have this card sticking out the side. It doesn't appear to have visible model number on it, just says MicroBotics 1986. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what it is? I presume it's ram?

Cheers for any help
The Amiga 1000 is the only Amiga that does not have jumpers for NTSC/PAL. To run a Harddisk you will need to get an A1000 Harddrive controller and you will also need to boot from a 1.3 Kickstart disk. You are right you have a MicroBotics RAM card.
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