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Going back to AROS for my amiga home base... HELP?

After a long absence from AROS while playing with classic amigas again (and linux for most of my daily computing) I am going back to AROS.

My previous AROS pc had been built or rather cobbled together with AROS in mind. I ran icaros desktop. As I recall, I used an intel 10/100 network card, but now I'd like USB WIFI adapter, as my house is now all wifi.

Can someone tell me common USB wifi adapters (hopefully available cheap on ebay) that will work easily with ICAROS DESKTOP AROS DISTRO? (And maybe AEROS ALSO?)

My previous system also used sblive, EMU10k card, so I will order another from ebay, not sure if I have one here in my stash of parts or not.

Finally, I would like accelerated video, so I will need a supported accelerated video card. I used a nvidia fx 550 pci before I think. Can someone suggest common video cards I can find cheap on ebay that work well with aros now?

While I scrape together paypal funds for these parts, I will try and install icaros on the computer I have in mind to use, which is an older compaq desktop tower, which is I suppose 2ghz+ single core pc. I will check on the specs and report back. It has plenty of open slots for this project.

In my previous experience, its worth finding supported hardware for the best (and easiest) AROS experience possible. I'll try some things with that tower while awaiting parts though.

Hope some of my old friends (and hopefully new ones) will help me in this endeavor. So happy to see all the new developments in AROS especially AEROS! Windows, amiga 68k, AROS and dos programs all together? I may run that instead of icaros. That is very exciting to me.

Time to rebuild a new amiga home base and repository for all things amiga for me. I have an amiga 500, an amiga 500 black tower, an amiga 1000, and amiga 2000, and an amiga 1200 here along with a 1080 amiga 1000 monitor and maybe a 1084 also that I may sell or trade off after the migration is complete. I need a happy modern amiga experience to let go of these old gems first though.

I may be interested in trades for those items if anyone is interested?

Best regards,

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