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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
when i see how much they collected with the kickstarter, i'm asking myself how much could be collected for a new amiga game ?
- Create a poll asking "if a new original Amiga game was released now commercially (physical release plus download option), and assuming it would be good enough to enter the Amiga top 10 games, what is the max price you would pay for it: 5/15/25/40/60/I-would-not-buy-it/I-would-pirate-it"
- Advertise the poll on multiple EAB forums (the most read ones) and all known Amiga community sites as well as general retro gaming sites.
- Wait two months at least for the information to spread.
- Collect results and assume only 5 to 10% of these buying intents will materialize (I don't remember the results but there are many studies who give good ratios of human responses in this kind of scenario).

This should be as close as can be to a proper market study as you can have for the Amiga market.
Note: be prepared to be disappointed.

Kickstarter is probably the best way to make an Amiga game though, since pledges *have* to be honored: helps transform the lazy bums among us who download a cracked version because they want to sample he game before buying and never actually buy it afterward even if they like it. (Note: I am not judging, this is human 101, we are very bad at reliably predicting our future efforts.)

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