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The Amiga is powerful because it's much more than the CPU, architecture, co-processors, and OS. Even if the Atari 520 ST was 28 MHz and the Amiga 5 MHz, the Amiga would be the more powerful machine.

If the CPU frequency is everything for you, why didn't you bought a PC clone? If you don't understand the meaning of the word "demo" when it's used about something that is not a "scene" demo, please take a look in a dictionary.

I didn't knew that all computer talk has to be about what's the better machine for you. For me using an Atari ST is like using a C128 with GEOS, 1571 floppy and ram expansion, both has about 360 Kb on the floppy. Just that GEOS looks better than the greenish GEM, CPM DOS clone stuff.

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