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Originally Posted by UberFreak View Post
Not even close to being an "Ultimate Killer"...
The 1541U-II is a multi expansion, not just a 1541 emulator.
Comparing the two is preposterous. Each one is good in their own rights. Every UK1541 "review" I have seen, sadly, makes this unfortunate comparison.

At this price point, the UK1541 cannot be beaten if all you want is a floppy drive replacement, beats the shit out of SD2IEC solutions because absolutely everything will run on it.
But the 1541U-II has SO MUCH MORE than just a 1541 that, if we do have to compare, it would beat the shit out of the UK1541.

So taking the comparison aside, my only gripe with the UK1541 is maybe one of the things they promote more: the screen, plus it also needs a joystick to control it right? I would much prefer a solution like SD2IEC that I can add internally to a machine, controlled by a simple, screenless button interface. Maybe at some point the UK1541 guys can consider developing something screenless that we can put inside a Commodore and it would be awesome.
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