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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
The Juggler is not a demo, but an animation. And you don't know it runs 30 fps.

Just calm down and say that Amiga is better than Atari ST. It's perfectly true, so let *them* make fools of themselves trying to prove whose computer is best, instead of trying to convince ST-lovers. They'll just drag you down to their hardware level and beat you with their MIDI interface.
But it is slower by 906210Hz i.e. it will perform 226552.5 less instructions per second.

Originally Posted by Flash951 View Post
I disagree, the Juggler is a demo, but not the typical "scene" demo, but still a demo. It's a program you start, it's not an animation you can load into another program. Eric Graham wrote everything, the later iff anim format didn't exist at that time. It's common to refer to the original Amiga Juggler as a demo.
But it is still a animation i.e. sequence of prerendered frames. Code exist to extract those data so even if they are executable it doesn't mean that this is demo as we understand demo description nowadays.
Even ST can "play" Juggler (but reduced to 4 bit per pixel and maybe with use dynamic color changes).

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