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Originally Posted by ImmortalA1000 View Post
Ahh I should have said first program to display HAM6 images from Amiga 500/1000/2000 not first to display more than 16 colours on screen in lo-res mode It's the 4096 colours business like C64 MCI/FLI etc trick modes to boost palette range I was concentrating more on not just the palette swapping per scanline aspect.
No, the C64 MCI/FLI uses two different colors on the same pixel in interlaced screenmode to make a new "third" color. In practice this will give maybe 30 more colors in addition to the sixteen built in, because you have to use low contrast once to not have flickering. In theory, maybe 128 colors.

The HAM6 - 320×200 to 360×576 (ocs, ecs) and the HAM8 (aga - (1440x576, 256 000/16 mill colors) is proper screen modes (Hold and modify), no tricks, but with some limitations, uses only 6 bit per pixel.

The Amiga Juggler demo from 1986 displays 30 f/sec fullscreen in HAM6 on a stock 68k Amiga.

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