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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
You could try the BindDrivers-loadable version from the SupraBoot disk. The ones on have two versions of the driver, dated 24-Jul-91 (3.0?) and 26-Nov-91 (3.8?).
Didn't notice anything interesting 3.0 vs 3.8 (3.0 = AMAB5?).

It is now confirmed that same ROM image supports SupraDrive 4x4, 500, 500XP and 2000 WordSync. 3.8 boot disk supraromchk detects correct hardware and reports valid ROM (Except with 4x4 which is non-autoboot)

(All 4 are now emulated, except 4x4's clock)

Edit: And if you didn't already see it, "Docs/Read Me" on the SupraTools38b disk has some info about driver changes between 3.0 and 3.8.
Unfortunately it does not mention anything interesting either.
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