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It's an interesting question - with a swathe of interesting responses, too!

In real terms, the answer is 'no - you're never too old to learn.' The only show-stopper will be your own perception of whether or not you 'think' you're too old.

My advice would be go for it. Try ASM. Really - it's possibly the hardest approach, but I would say also the most rewarding when a seemingly unintelligible screen-load of mnemonics and numbers suddenly produces a raster line, or an empty screen, or an empty screen with a dot in it!

The internet and emulators are your friends. So many resources and tools nowadays. Try this one on YouTube. It's brilliant:

[ Show youtube player ]

If you really want to start programming, then start. Take your time and redo lessons as many times as you need. If your goal is to just write something (as opposed to be a hardcore 68k code master) then go at your own pace and feel free to share anything you do here. Regardless of how naff you think it is.

Best of luck to you. I hope you decide to take the plunge and I hope you find it as rewarding as I found it... And I started again at 46.
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