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Originally Posted by Gzegzolka View Post
I try LHA version under winuae , when I run exec I see demo and when I run SolomonsKey2 game load but screen goes dark when I select level and goes back to level select menu I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Like I should put folder with game in different place or edit some files. I would love to play it and I would love to have whdload version of this game (because whd is easy to use).
Try running it from CLI, does that work? My guess is it somehow cannot locate the "data/Worlds" file.

The game doesn't play nice with Workbench on some setups, I'm not exactly sure why. On my friend's machine the game will show garbage and freeze at startup, but it works fine on my A1200.

Would anyone with some WHDLoad dev experience be willing to give me some help in converting the game to it? I can't seem to find info on what exactly is required to make a WHDLoad game at the source level (i.e. use the WHDLoad routines directly in your game's codebase) as opposed to writing a patch to modify an executable.

Oh, and another thing! Has anyone played around with the level editor? Found any problems with it? I'd be happy to replace some of my not-too-great Castle levels with user-contributed levels.

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