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Originally Posted by Mrs Beanbag View Post
not quite... reverse psychology doesn't work on them, although i'm pretty sure they do get jealous

Originally Posted by BarryB View Post
Right, so:
- PI isn't something you eat then?
- By this you mean re-reading the listing again you typed in from the magazine?
- So use of phrases like: "b@st@rd, b@st@rd, b@st@rd why isn't this f**ker working?" isn't being patient enough?
- It could be...
- That's one example... the number of times I've come across listings with typo's/errors...
- Hehe, exactly. Though after a few days of trying to debug the same code that is pretty close to what I'd say!

Originally Posted by Jackoland View Post
I learn best by watching, I would love to sit down with a experienced amiga programmer and ask question and get to grips with the basics, because even source code comments can be confusing.
Everyone is different. For me I have always been self taught - either from books/manuals or from studying (and playing with) other peoples code.
Being able to ask experienced coders for help is a bonus and comes in very useful at times
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