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Cool WHD

What are you guys saying? WHDLoad is great!

On the WHD vs JST argument, WHDLoad wins with no contest. On numerous JST games I had to set tooltypes such as NOMMU, NOFAST or NOCACHES to get the game to work. WHD hardly ever needs this. Also, it's still in development. JST was great in its day but WHD surpassed it sometime ago.

The advantages of WHD are:

1. Games load quickly from hard disk, obviously.
2. All games have a quit option to return to Workbench.
3. The games are fixed to work on modern machines.
4. No more bothering with ADFs or floppies or disk swapping.
5. You are running the original game, not a pirate version.
6. The games are patched to pass any copy protection.
7. Hiscores or save games can be sent to the hard disk.
8. Bugs or annoying features are fixed.
9. Over 800 games are currently supported with installs.

With people like Codetapper releasing very high quality installs, there has never been a better time to use WHDLoad. It's extremely cheap to register, it works beautifully and I can't imagine running games on my real A1200 using anything else.
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