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Hi again! It's been a few weeks since I dropped in, but I've introduced my wife to a few more classic (and not-so-classic) games from my yesteryears!

Monty Python's Flying Circus
- A game with a few good laughs, but not a terribly competent platformer. Actually, it's a pretty incompetent platformer, but I get the feeling that "a playable game" was not high on their priorities!

Garfield Winter's Tail
- I played this game a lot as a kid, but I'm not entirely sure why. It's honestly pretty terrible-- especially that impossible skating level.

[ Show youtube player ] & James Pond II - These two games are very different. The first is a bit of an oddball throwaway-- fun for a few minutes but not totally engaging. The second is a bit more in-depth-- a cute platformer with some great graphics, but let down a bit by its slippery (pun intended) controls and some weird enemy hitboxes.

- I still love this game! It's a unique little game about a caveman with a helicopter taxi, where each level is a balancing puzzle between speed, accuracy and trying to figure out the order of things. We don't always play the games I show my wife after we've done our videos, but this one we played for a while after!

The Addam's Family
- One of my favourite platformers on the Amiga. Great graphics, great music and a lot of level theme variety. The only thing that annoys me is that Gomez can be a bit slidey at times, but the game is otherwise pretty fair and doesn't kill you off unexpectedly-- which is always a plus for me!

Batman: The Movie
- The first game I ever played on the Amiga! It came bundled with our Amiga and The New Zealand Story, but who cares about a fluffy little kiwi when you have BATMAN? And I totally forgot about how brutal that second level is.

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