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AKReal 8.2 live update released!

We are happy to announce the release of the new update of AKReal – the unofficial conversion of AmiKit for real Amiga machines.

This on-line update is delivered to your AKReal installation via its Live Update feature. Simply boot your AKReal 8.1 and new update will be found automatically. Just confirm and install.

Full installation archive is available for free from


AKReal 8.2 includes regular AmiKit 8.2 update (see below) plus some extras like MacLikeDock (works with RTG only), update of RandomFile and MMULib which are integrated into MorpheuZ now. MUI global prefs, Better Config (in Tools) and BDSlide have been improved as well.

AKReal 8.2 also includes new visual themes (AmigaOS, BlueGradient and HipClone), new start menu button (HipTheme) and more wallpapers. New MorpheuZ option lets you choose from 8 themes for IBrowse.

Mattahan's icon set will be updated for those who use it. If you like Ken’s Icons, we’ve prepared 16 colours edition of his icon set. Only 16+16 colours are used for each icon now (instead of 512) which means a massive speed up for real Amiga machines.

Many thanks to Thomas Rapp for his RandomFile and great help with this update, Paul E. Bloedel for his MacLikeDock, Thomas Richter for his MMULib, Peter Keunecke, James Stalham and others.

If you like this project, please consider donating:

Have Fun !!

Screenshot on a 16 colors 1024x768 HighGFX screen:

AKReal 8.2 includes the following changes (on top of AmiKit 8.2 changes – see below).

- ADDED: "16Bit_Memories_2", "Toaster-Logo", "Clouds" and "Stones" wallpapers.

- ADDED: New Visual Themes: "AmigaOS", "BlueGradient" and "HipClone" -Use MorpheuZ to select them-.

- ADDED: MacLikeDock v2.5 by Paul E. Bloedel (RTG needed).

- ADDED: Thumb V7.253 program by Thomas Rapp (files missing).

- ADDED: AddDatatypes V45.2 by Roland Mainz.

- DISABLED: "Almost" Theme.

- UPDATED: MMULib 43.13.2 by Thomas Richter integrated on MorpheuZ.

- CHANGED: MorpheuZ with eight Themes for IBrowse -MUI4-.

- CHANGED: MUI Global preferences.

- CHANGED: BDWatch now shows the center cap on the Borg clock.

- CHANGED: New Radio icon on the StartMenus docks.

- CHANGED: PPaint "Download&Install PPaint" script.

- CHANGED: RandomFile by Thomas Rapp.

- CHANGED: "Better Config" on Tools.

- CHANGED: Startup-Sequence*.

- CHANGED: BDSlide from WBStartup.

*You will find a backup of the previous renamed as Startup-SequenceBackup8.1

WHAT'S NEW IN AMIKIT 8.2? (The official text follows)

AmiKit 8.2 - Exclusive Flash Disk is available again. Limited edition.

Thanks for using AmiKit! To make it even better for you, we bring new updates in this release.

MUI 4 (Magic User Interface) has been exclusively updated for AmiKit again! For example, keyboard support for virtual groups has been implemented, as well as support for menu item images. MUI 4 now contains a stack check feature, and many bugs have been fixed. Thanks to Thore Böckelmann and Jens Maus.

We introduce a special MUI version of EvenMore in this release. EvenMore is a decent textviewer with a plugin system. Thanks to Chris Perver.

Ukrainian developer Lyubomyr Lisen has updated the AmiKit app for Android. It now uses a graphical user interface, which can be invoked by the Back or Menu key.

Other software updates include a new SimpleMail, Amiga Image Storage System, IconLib, Layers Library, MUIbase and NetSurf. Russian locale is also supported (beta).

Last, but not least, a retro "run and jump" platform game is waiting for you in AmiKit:Games folder. This retro game, Boxx 2, has been created by Lemming880.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This update takes a while to install, please be patient.

- UPDATED: MUI 4.0 (r4420) by Stefan Stuntz, Thore Böckelmann and Jens Maus!

- UPDATED: EvenMore 0.85 special AmiKit version by Chris Perver!

- UPDATED: AmiKit app for Android has a graphic user interface now! By Lyubomyr Lisen.

- UPDATED: AmiKit Locale 1.3

- UPDATED: AISS - Amiga Image Storage System 4.18 by Martin Merz

- UPDATED: IconLib 46.4.405 by Peter Keunecke

- UPDATED: Layers Library 45.27 by Thomas Richter

- UPDATED: MUIbase 3.1 by Steffen Gutmann

- UPDATED: NetSurf 3.3 Dev2 (January 2015) ported by Artur Jarosik

- UPDATED: SimpleMail 0.41 by Hynek Schlawack and Sebastian Bauer

- ADDED: Boxx 2 by Lemming880. A retro "run and jump" platform game!

- ADDED: Russian locale support - beta. Run MorpheuZ/Locale to activate it. Thanks to Mikhail Malyshev.

The following people have donated to the AmiKit project recently:

Cathal Ferris, Jorge Manuel L. R., Per Martin Iversen, Steve Jones, Stefan Rutkowski, Silvio Albrecht, Antonio, Joseph D., Dick van Ginkel, Eric R. Lamb, Frits Blankenzee, Thomas G., JeFfR3y, Samuel, Daffyd, Hexagon, Tygre, Matthew W., Ingo Fehlauer, Silvio A., Erik Bos, Sascha K. and others.

THANK YOU and all the other donors listed on AmiKit website.


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