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Originally Posted by RichAplin View Post
I do see a fair number of negative comments about the games I worked on (just kinda generally, e.g. youtube)
YouTube commenters are usually trolls or immature kids. I have been on YT for years (since March 2007) and lots of talented people on their have had loads of crap comments which they don't deserve, so you can safely ignore those.

Originally Posted by RichAplin View Post
"what the fuck is with all these armchair game developers having a go at me?"
We're all nerds with high standards - some having warped ideas: good and bad!
Two programmers will never think the same way all the time, even when given the same tasks/problems to deal with.

Originally Posted by RichAplin View Post
Other game developers I know from back in the day (various names you've heard of or not) didn't give me a hard time, some were even quite complimentary...
Many of us (certainly myself) don't know the specifics of the working conditions and environment that you had to work in. Hearing from people like yourself and dlfrsilver, as well as reading recent books like Ocean: The History, have certainly helped myself and others from understanding the way the industry worked back then.

For what it's worth, I am self taught in all the languages I currently know (Spectrum BASIC, AMOS Professional, HTML, Visual Basic 6 and 68000 assembler) and am still very much learning better ways to code. I have been programming on and off since I was a teenager in the early 90's.
Getting the inside scoop on how your games work (as well as the legendary demo coders on this site) has helped me improve my coding practices.

Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
Love the shitty new name "Beats of fire". It literally means nothing.
Actually... it's very similar to Beats Of Rage, inspired by Sega's Streets Of Rage game.
The unofficial Dreamcast version has graphics *cough* borrowed from King Of Fighters or Final Fight, IIRC. It's been a few years since I played it.

I recommed changing the title to Come Get Some!!!

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