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Originally Posted by Cylon View Post
'No point' doesn't quite made it. It is more than that:
Default type of a (non-string) variable is QUICK.

DEFTYPE defines variables or the default behavior, unless otherwise stated.
So, e.g. using DEFTYPE.w will cause every non-defined variable to be a .w (word, 16bit signed). If nothing is chosen as the default, default remains as typeof QUICK, which is some kindof floating point, but certainly not integer.
Obviously yes and point taken – although I was pretty sure the default 'deftype' is a Byte (probably just what I have it set to now – runs to flip through the manual) yes you are right, the default is a Quick. After a while, one's memory can become bugged over such things. I guess I should say “thank you”.
In any case and as I said before, there is no reason to redefine 'DEFTYPE' all the time as long as you define the type manually when variables are created with the appropriate suffix.
Come on, the worst that can happen is a complete crash of the system (!) or a 'Mismatched Type error' =)
And now I'm really through splitting hairs with you, right? =)
Originally Posted by Cylon View Post
Don't be so negative. I can provide some help, at least i'll have a look and give you a second opinion of what it looks like to the outside world. You donot have to talk about it in public, just send me pm.
Keep up the work!
As I said to you in pm, if I wasn't cynical enough already this thread probably hasn't helped much!
Once you get through my BS filter you'll find I'm really just such a lovely bloke, a friend for life and all that.
Now I quite honestly don't give a Damnd about what the outside world thinks of my code and actually have no plans to release it as such anyway just yet – I think it is far more helpful to write short examples of any Blitz2 related discoveries as separate (and better commented than my trash) articles.

But I will gladly take you up on your offer – and maybe you can even help me to write something for it further down the line. Yeah keep it in PM, I have a front to keep up here you know =). Looking forward to your insights good man =).
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