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Originally Posted by Sandro View Post
after 20-25 years old the human brain get stuck with the basic knowledge you had before
i've picked up C, C++ (well okay, i "worked around" the object oriented stuff because i'm lazy and like arrays), half a dozen BASIC dialects like BlitzMax or Slang, PHP and Z80 assembly language all after my 35th birthday - in fact Z80 was after i turned forty.

And in my "day job" i've talked online and occasionally face to face with thirty- and forty-somethings as they've started with no previous experience and picked up 6502 or Z80 assembly language, both of which are significantly harder than picking up a high level language for the Amiga like AMOS, Blitz or C.

So no, as Mrs Beanbag says it's more about people putting their own mental roadblocks in place by telling themselves that they can't learn and, whilst some people will find that easier than others to do, it's not impossible. You need to understand logic, have okay maths skills (the simple stuff just needs addition and subtraction) and have that drive to do something.
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