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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Its completely down to what you are receptive to. Some people just do not have the aptitude for programming no matter when they take it up.
i think it's more that some people have certain mental blocks to overcome. i have known people who are convinced they are no good at maths, or art, because of the way they were taught at school; that maths is just sums, and art is just drawing a bowl of fruit; and they failed because they questioned things and asked why things were so, and thought creatively.

Myself, i can program in assembly on various processors and pick it up quite quickly, but i loathe higher level languages like C++, Java, Pascal
funnily enough, i love both 68k asm and C++, i know C++ gets a lot of stick from some people who think it's not abstract enough and don't even understand why such a thing as a pointer exists. I know it has its faults but not the faults its accused of. Those people seem able to program but they are quite unaware of how a computer works!

Java, however, can go and do one. It's a near-perfect language by some people's standards but ugh, don't get me started.
i disliked them so intensely back then that its pretty much clouded my view where i just dont want to learn them.
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