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Originally Posted by jimmy2x2x View Post

1) Your brain is past its prime, a teenage brain is much more receptive to new ideas and things stick a lot easier!

2) Life tends to be more committed the older you get
Blimey. Hit the nail on the head there!

I used to program in AMOS Pro and several times since using WinUAE I've tried to knock up some silly progams and true to form, I seem to be having problems grasping it all over again. Damn!!

Then again, it might not all be age-related (well, here's hoping.... LOL). It's because my life is definitely more hectic than it used to be so only get an hour - if I'm lucky - here and there and programming imho, needs to be distraction free.

So in all fairness and honesty; I don't think you can be too old to learn programming - if time is on your side, go forrit!
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