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Originally Posted by markpjd View Post

Not necessarily related to the Amiga, but...

Can you be 'too old' to start to learn how to program?

I see a lot of people/kids programming stuff apps, Amiga games, utilities and such. I used to mess around with trying to learn coding, and even made a little program that edited Settlers 2 save games once, when I was in my teens/early 20's. Now [being almost 35], I look at sample code and I just cant seem to take it in!? Maybe I'm getting old, or simply.... too dumb?

despite the blue pill answers you got by some members the reality is:

yes you are so old to learn programing
is like playing chess, you will only play as chessmasters if your learn being a child

after 20-25 years old the human brain get stuck with the basic knowledge you had before

there is a popular phrase that says: old dog never learns new tricks / which is 100% legit
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