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Originally Posted by markpjd View Post
Now [being almost 35], I look at sample code and I just cant seem to take it in!? Maybe I'm getting old, or simply.... too dumb?

i'd just like to agree with everyone else; you are neither too old or too dumb. i'm 43 and have been coding 6502-based systems since the 1980s, but during that time i've taught myself different high level languages on both retro and current platforms as well as picking up the basics of Z80 a few years back to the point where i'm writing games.

As jimmy2x2x said, finding the time to program is probably the hardest part as we get older and i'd add that it does become more difficult to maintain the motivation. That's one of those things that you'll need to find your own "style" for, either planning in advance or just "winging it" for those moments you find free to code.
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