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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
Tried it with my RP9 and I get 2&3. With An IPF disk the game works fine but there are monsters everywhere.
Strange...I don't see any monsters unless I go off road/path, in which case I'm not likely to last long... Were you able to get into the castle...? There are plenty there, for sure...

Good news, though...I finally found some Amiga images that seem fine--an Italian release and a German release!... It's interesting in a sense because I'm using my English save disk and everything works fine and most of the in-game text is in English, and what little isn't I can decipher well enough to play. (I've tested several IPF images using the plugin and I have no trouble running the images in UAE 3.0--but I still keep getting "You're running a copy of the disk; prepare to die" messages in game...But, I'm running fine so far with the German floppy image--no such messages or problems...!

Thanks much for all of your input, Arnie..!
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