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Originally Posted by leathered View Post
... I was sure that DEFTYPE defines the 'default' variable type so there's no point in using that to define every variable, simply suffix a .b/.w/.l when the variables are initially set. Every variable in the game is an integer - so there's no point in worrying about it is there?
'No point' doesn't quite made it. It is more than that:
Default type of a (non-string) variable is QUICK.

DEFTYPE defines variables or the default behavior, unless otherwise stated.
So, e.g. using DEFTYPE.w will cause every non-defined variable to be a .w (word, 16bit signed). If nothing is chosen as the default, default remains as typeof QUICK, which is some kindof floating point, but certainly not integer.

... Pre-calc'ing the variables that don't change in a loop - sure, but what makes you think that the variable isn't changing? ...
Take a look at the code, you'll find some places, i do so most of the times
(Just recently i quickly revisited the smurfhunt code (in AMOS), but i cannot compile it yet-plenty of hits !).

I generally find that the source of others is difficult to compile straight off the bat because setups can vary so much between the ide, even in Blitz.
Yeahh, that's true. I'm using my own environment, and it's adjusted to my needs, with my libs and the updates dating back to late 90s.
I like the fact that you're looking at the source and I guess you're the only one doing so. Would you like to see the real thing? It doesn't look much, but she's got it where it counts =). Again you'll see short cuts abound, perhaps you really can help remedy that. I don't mean to sound cold - but don't bother if all you're looking to do is make a 'name' for yourself shitting over this thread.
Don't be so negative. I can provide some help, at least i'll have a look and give you a second opinion of what it looks like to the outside world. You donot have to talk about it in public, just send me pm.
Keep up the work!

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