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1 year past, happy new year again toni,LOL.
Just tell me Toni, did you think about the possibility and how it could be done ? (playing online)
I know that you don't like to make it and you did already so much ... but, there is always a but ... but you know the problem for many of us is : our friends just don't care anymore about the amiga and some of us would like to enjoy to play with amigans... We tried with graham to play with kaillera but it wasn't great.
All of this to ask if you change your mood about playing online or perhaps we could make donations for this project ?? I understand that if we ask for something you didn't like to do, you deserve some rewards, if you do it.
Perhaps, it would be possible to ask money for using the linking system ?? In fact i don't know, i hope you know... But one thing i'm sure, is that many guys would like so much the possibility.
Now, if you still don't care about it, just ignore this post, it's not necessary to kick my ass like in the good old days LOL.
Bye, and thank you for everything you did and do for us.
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