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WinUAE: No Emulation Window on Screen

Hi everyone,

I just registered here, so, hello, I hope my english is somewhat readable. ^^;

Anyway, the main reason I registered here is because I just don't know what to do anymore to fix this problem or what might cause it.

It's best if I start to explain from the beginning, well, recently I felt nostalgic again and bootet up my Amiga 1200 which has a CF Flash card as a Harddrive installed in it, however, I got messages popping up that there were issues in partition sectors, so my guess was that the Flash Card is going bad.
Naturally I want to save as much stuff as I can (I did artwork and a few icons for my Workbench on it etc.) and I wanted to do it the same way I initially setup the CF Card, in WinUAE.

I was using WinUAE 2.5.1 under my previous Windows 7 install to setup the CF Card, I have since switched to a new HDD with a fresh Win7 Install, so my first thoughts were to download the same exact version of WinUAE and bring over the config files for WinUAE from my old Harddrive.
I setup everything, put my CF Card in the slot, selected it as a HDD, clicked on "Start", the options Window disappeared AND..... nothing. A small Amiga Arrow logo icon did appear in the lower right windows bar (the one near the clock) and I checked Task Manager, a process was indeed running, but i couldn't access it, no window appeared, all I could do was terminate the process, the amiga "check" icon still remained though.
I tried it again and again, reinstalled WinUAE 2.5.1, installed a newer version (3.0.0) of it even, rebootet the PC nothing changed, not even booting a simple Amiga 500 without HDD, just the Kickstart ROM got any results.

I'm out of ideas, do you guys have any idea of what might be the issue here?
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