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Originally Posted by fondpondforever View Post
Bought Worms CD32 from eBay and loaded it up and on the menu it say's Director's Cut. Have I got a rare version? Maybe Team 17 decided to put the Director's Cut version onto a few CD's for the Amiga CD32 Version. I find this quite odd, but it's not a bad thing lol. When I press the fire button to start the game it resets it's self, don't know if there's a problem with the game or console. It's a real pain though. Anyone know if this means that I have the Director's Cut or does this text come up on all CD32 Versions? Thanks.
As far as I'm aware all versions of Worms for the CD32 say Director's Cut, This refers to the FMV footage that is on Worms CD32 and not on the floppy disk version.

To load the game you need to start the CD32 with the CD lid open and allow the boot animation to complete then you insert the game and close.
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