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No. Did you read what I wrote?

It makes all non-aga ADF's "which run on an vanilla A1200" and all* AGA ADF's work.

Some original game disks which work on the A1200 don't work on the fWSI but you cannot use images of these with a Gotek. Non-Extended ADF's only.


With the fWSI plugged in some CD32 games have compatibility issues.

No-one knows for sure why. Perhaps these seem have left-over A1200/A500 detection code never used on CD32? Or possibly it is a side effect of the fWSI start-up. It has a ROM on board which no-one knows what it does.

Super Startdust CD32 doesn't start"
Chuck Rock CD32 says "Insert Disk 2

Also some people have reported the fWSI being plugged in prevents the CD32 pad from working? I cannot confirm this but I don't remember having issues.


*I have since found some reports that one or two ADFs of AGA games do not work :

Aladdin AGA
Putty Squad AGA (Demo)

Now while this sounds bad, I think Aladdin is one of those games which was very fussy about the floppy drive. (It didn't work on Escom A1200's?) and as I mention the fWSI is not a real A1200 floppy disk controller but a re-creation in programmable logic.

Here is a thread showing that several Virgin Interactive games had issues with A1200 floppy drive!

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