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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
No big deal, if you have something like this, you just replace the floppy drive it comes with with a Gotek.
It is a big deal because the WSi / Analogic Floppy Drive interface requires a standard 1.44mb floppy drive to work.

When you flash a Gotek with the Amiga compatible firmware it becomes a 880kb DD Amiga Floppy Drive which does not work in the CD32 floppy interface.

The whole point of the interface is that it makes 1.44mb PC Floppy Drives compatible with the Amiga CD32, The A4000 also does this internally.

I've tried it myself with the Gotek firmware and it didn't work, If I had to guess, based on the video I'd say he is just using the standard Gotek firmware and converting the .adf files to .img.

This is of course not very desirable as you have no menu selection and other limitations.
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