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Originally Posted by jonssonj View Post
I got one step further again. Under Quickstart I chose Host Configuration as "Host\Fullscreen (800x600).uae" This file was one of the files that was uploaded to the zone, by the writer of the guide that I followed.

Now the OS starts up, but becuase of read errors from my cd there is some stuff that is missing.

My question is, How do I create a Host configuration file in WinUAE? Do I have to have it in fullscreen to get picture? Max resolution that I could select in the OS was 1024x768, is this the limit of the picasso IV hardware?

The ROM:s that I'm using are from Amiga Forever 2013 DVD, so I think they are relatively new. I think I have an rom from my old A1200 laying around on my harddrive somewhere, would it be possible to use that? I guess not?

And, by the way Toni, I really appreciate your hard work on WinUAE!

You can atleast get 1280x720 in OS4. If you edit the tooltypes of the file (not sure what it's called) in Monitors, you can add 1280x720@60 (not sure that's correct syntax but you can check the strings already there).
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