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Everyone's already well aware of the shortcomings of AmigaOS, the X1000 etc. It is expensive and lacking in features, we all know that. I'm not sure what you were trying to achieve by pointing it out *yet again*. Anyway, that sort of constant negativity is why I haven't gone near in many years, so maybe it's part of an effort to turn around the mood there.

Besides that, since everyone already knows these facts you were trying to point out, and many people have pointed them out before without getting banned, it makes it look like it was more to do with *how* you said it than *what* you said. Nobody minds the criticism, but maybe you said it in a way that was construed as a personal attack, trolling or something else that in no way contributes to the site. When people are already aware of shortcomings and are still happy to use the system, what good is someone going to do by putting their hobby down or trying to convince them they were ripped off?
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