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Originally Posted by Dr. MefistO View Post
Could you add some default folders for that to projects?
No. Those files are shared with my other projects, they are not 100% winuae specific. (Path gets saved in profile specific msvc file, you are not going to lose it when updating winuae)

Another problem: projects dependencies (for all configurations). It will be great to add them to every project as it wrote in anutom's tutorial. So, after that I'll just press build for whole solution and it will generate winuae.exe for me. Could you fix that?
It is by design. I don't want to recompile them each time some header file or some other dependency changes. It is useless to recompile them, resulting files would be identical. Just compile them once and forget about them.

I'll guarantee you would have switched dependencies off after working with winuae more than a week..

Path is: /archivers/zip/
I can't check this until later today.
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