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Originally Posted by Haywirepc View Post
I insulted someone by pointing out facts? Show remorse? I did apologize. Why post here? I don't know emailing them didn't help, I hoped maybe they would see this and address this apparently lifelong ban. I have been a member there FOREVER. Besides this, I think that all Amiga users have a right to know that this is the way AEON runs their business. Apparently, they buy forums and ban anyone who is at all critical of them in those forums. Is that a good way to run a business? To be clear, I am certainly not the only one they did this too. Apparently anyone who says anything negative or critical of the OS4 camp or hardware gets banned. Thats kind of ridiculous.
I have a solution for you:
Forget, welcome on friendly EAB, and do your best to not getting a ban here
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