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I got one step further again. Under Quickstart I chose Host Configuration as "Host\Fullscreen (800x600).uae" This file was one of the files that was uploaded to the zone, by the writer of the guide that I followed.

Now the OS starts up, but becuase of read errors from my cd there is some stuff that is missing.

My question is, How do I create a Host configuration file in WinUAE? Do I have to have it in fullscreen to get picture? Max resolution that I could select in the OS was 1024x768, is this the limit of the picasso IV hardware?

The ROM:s that I'm using are from Amiga Forever 2013 DVD, so I think they are relatively new. I think I have an rom from my old A1200 laying around on my harddrive somewhere, would it be possible to use that? I guess not?

And, by the way Toni, I really appreciate your hard work on WinUAE!

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