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Originally Posted by voyager View Post
However OpenMPT (modplugtracker) plays every mod,it,xm I have exactly like my miggy does.
No it doesn't, there are several ProTracker quirks it doesn't do or does not do correctly, and it sounds very bad because it doesn't have BLEP synthesis, and enabling mixing interpolation makes the sound too muddy on bad samples.

EDIT: Here are some MP3s. I guess you can figure out which one sounds closest to the real deal. ptwin32 = my ProTracker clone.
Once again, enabling spline/linear/cubic interpolation is not the same, it makes the sound very filtered on bad/lofreq samples.

(also keep in mind that Amiga 1200 and CD32 has sharper sound than any other Amiga, because the static low-pass filter's cutoff is tuned to ~27..31kHz instead of 5kHz)

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