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Wings of Heroes (iOS)

I'm an indie videogame developer and I create games in my spare time with some help from my little brother.
Our first and latest creation is Wings of Heroes: Battle for the skies.
Today I was googling around and stumbled on your forum and since the game is mainly inspired by classics like Falcon Patrol, Cannon Fodder and Wings of Fury, I decided to post here about it: maybe you will like it!
We released it on App Store a couple months ago.

iTunes Link

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Wings of Heroes is a pilot-centric, mission based, side scrolling ww2-style dogfighting game.
You are given 5 recruits and 15 aircrafts to complete the 25 missions:
in every mission you are given a primary and secondary objective plus a fixed time to complete it and you are awarded a certain amount of reinforcements proportionally to the level of completion along with rank promotions for the pilots that have participated.

There’s plenty of dogfighting games around, so why should Wings of Heroes be different?
It is different because it is not about aircrafts, not about high scores, not even about war: it’s all about pilots.
We have this idea that WW2 pilots were men of extraordinary courage and valor and we wanted to homage them.
You’re supposed to become attached to them, to care for them and preserve them… you really come to the point of aborting a mission to bring them home and keep them alive.
We keep detailed statistics for each of them, because they are not just a bunch of pixels… they are your heroes.

Wings of Heroes has an enthralling plot, not just a list of mission todos: we have a briefing for each mission that explains why you have to do something, and sometimes the mission objectives can change in-flight. We wanted to tell a story, that has a start and an end… we want the player to develop a bond with their pilots: essentially it is a game about emotions.

From a technical point of view it introduces some new elements that we believe add a lot to the classical gameplay of this genre: for instance you can fly with up to 3 wingmen and you can switch control to any of them at any time, or you can control the formation with the squadron leader; you can also slow down time to avoid bullets or aim better at your target.
The AI features behavioural intelligence algorithms: pilots will behave differently based on conditions like rank, health, aircraft status, morale, number of hits just taken and more… their behaviour is absolutely not scripted and every mission will play differently from the previous one.

Wings of Heroes is made of very small, apparently silly, details… the Mandolini Brothers, the dog that welcomes you on your return from the battle... but when put all together we believe they mark the difference between a game made with hearth and one made to make money.

To sum it up, it is a game that really has to be played to catch its greatness: just looking at a video or at the screenshots won’t make it justice. You have to breathe its atmosphere, you need to be there in the middle of the game with the pilot with whom you learned to fly, taking hits from an enemy fighter while trying to destroy that damned tank that has just blown up your wingman. Then you'll realise what sets it apart from other games of the genre.

It is free with few ads and in-app purchases: any IAP will remove ads.
IAPs are there to support us, but the game can and should be completed without using them, you just need some practice.
This is NOT a pay to win game.

We hope you can try it and maybe enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.
Thanks for reading!

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