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I think I cant post it here.

Its basically the same shader that EAB user "TysonJacobs" posted here at EAB, but with color correction controls (hue, saturation, brightness and contrast). For now it lacks TV static noise and ghosting. I ran into some "problems", because I tried to implement ghosting but it is occupying too much GPU time on my computer. I dunno why, I must made something wrong with it. So I think I cannot implement ghosting the way I did, or my GPU is too slow for the job, but I think that static noise is very possible.

Everything depends on if TysonJacobs lets me "borrow" his work, he looks to be a so much nice guy, and I dont want to run intro problems with him.

Also, the color correction controls are very imprecise, and sometimes you get very different results from a real CRT. I now understand why Toni blame the color correction algorithms in use today, and wants to wait until he finds a good algorithm for WinUAE.

So I think if I get authorization from "Tyson", I can publish his modified work.

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