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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
I don't get read errors on the Character disk in AF and I can't really test this game as I'm useless at it. I always get thrashed by a big Dragon before I can get started.
It's very simple to test if you ever have a bit of extra time...with no worries at all about running into a dragon...... which you won't see at all if...

[What follows is not really a spoiler, since the official game manuals walk you through as much as a tutorial.]

1) As soon as the game starts and the 4 characters appear on the screen, hit the Enter key (to go to group movement mode), then using your arrow cursor keys, move *straight ahead* to the first castle, which is plainly in view when the game starts.

2) Go straight down the road immediately in front of you right up to the castle steps until you can go no further--the 4 characters will automatically reappear and stand in front of the steps/moat bridge, where you can plainly see a shark fin moving in the moat...

3) Here you can begin to take your time because so long as you remain standing in front of the castle, watching the shark swim the moat, nothing will attack you. (At this point we're about 10 seconds into the game.) You can take your time equipping your players with the equipment they are given to start, etc.

4)This would also be a good time to save your game by hitting the disk icon in the bottom right.

5) Select one of your players either on the moat bridge or just to the left of it, and start watching the shark fin for a pattern. Timing is important here, but this is not difficult at all... When the fin is under the bridge moving to the right, L-click the cursor on the bottom of the open castle doorway ahead (the gate is open.)

6) Providing you have timed it right (again--easy) your characters will safely enter the first floor of the castle. If you get eaten by the shark, just reload your save and try again--it really is easy. (I was eaten a couple of times, too!)

7) Once you are inside you'll see the doorways with the force-fields active so that you cannot enter any of them. Practice: walk your party leader over to the Buckler on the wall (green cross on it) and hit the "Take" icon to get the item.

8) You'll notice four symbols on the wall facing you...locate the symbol just to the right of the leftmost symbol and walk over in front of it, and click the "activate" icon and you will see the force-fields deactivate, opening all doorways. (If you should select the wrong symbol monsters will appear which you may or may not be able to defeat--a good way to level up a bit later, though, before leaving the first castle behind.)

9) Selecting your leader, click on the doorway to your extreme left and walk through it--the team will follow you. Continue across the room to the next doorway and attempt to enter it as well. When you do, one of three things will happen:

1) The game will lock up--possibly because the game knows it is a copy and craps out because of a bug

2) An old man will teleport in and tell you that if you use a copy of Drakkhen you will surely die, and then he vanishes--in which case you will shortly be beset by monsters which you cannot defeat before your entire party is dispatched--the game's official copy protection, I suppose...

3) An old man will teleport in and make a reference about telling the princess about the 9th tear...or something along those lines, before he vanishes. I *think* this happens when the game thinks it is running from a pristine un-copied disk... But I'm not sure, actually...but you can proceed onward from there...

If you ever get a chance and have some time to kill, please let me know what happens to you during the above steps...! All of this accounts for the first ~2-3 minutes of game time...!

Edit: Oh, the Irony... In the official manuals for the VGA version of the game the customer is specifically told not to use his original disks but to only play with a copy...! Guess they learned a lot from the Amiga's on-disk copy protection, no doubt.

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