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OS4.1 FE classic installation gives me black screen!


I'm trying to do a install of my newly bought OS4.1 Classic in WinUAE beta 7. I have created the Bootfloppy from the CD and booting up with floppy and then the CD.

After a while I'm greeted with a picture "Amiga 4.1 ... " and then the processor switch over to the PPC one and I'm greeted with another picture of "Amiga 4.1 ...". This picture is visible, maybe 10 seconds, and then I get a black screen.

WinUAE Says that the PPC is running, 68K stop and FPS is jumping between 59 and 61, but nothing else happens. It does not read from the CD, and it does not read from the floppy.

I have attached config and log. I would be very grateful if I could get a hint of what I'm doing wrong.

Jörgen Jönsson

OS4.1 Classics.uae
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