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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
I downloaded Beta 7, what do I need to access the framecounter variable, if I need something to access it? Please. I am asking because in my tests it doesnt did any difference, I am guessing it is always zero and I am not using it right.

To use it I put at the top:

extern float framecounter;
I guess its wrong? It does need anything new in the _winuae.fx file?

I am playing with HLSL in WinUAE to give the illusion of more colors in my 16/64 colors "pixellated" Workbench. My plan is to create a simple CRT filter with snippets I found in the net, actually blurring, blooming, color correction, ghosting and static.

Sounds interesting.. Post your shader source when you have completed it if you don't mind sharing...
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