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Originally Posted by Arnie View Post
I made an RP9 of Drakkhen a while back. I can't see your post for AF so I'll put a link here. Try it and see if it works for you.
Thanks, much Arnie...but no go...I get a crash in the same place which I can repeat at will on all subsequent restarts (although the game crashes in various other places, too, in the first ~10 minutes of play) --I enter the first castle, take the door to the extreme left, and inside the first room I get a text message "You hear an odd noise coming from inside the next room" (or something like that.) Then I walk toward the next door also to my left on the screen, and ~9 out of every 10 times the game locks up right there in mid-transition between rooms.

Sometimes the player character will make it through the door--and an old man teleports in just to inform me that "If you run a copy of Drakkhen you will surely die soon"......or something like that. I got a similar message once just walking up to the first castle--and a few minutes later the game either locked up--or else an indestructible bunch of monsters inside the castle dispatch everyone post haste.

Bottom line seems to be that the Amiga version of Drakkhen really has no tolerance for inexact copies and treats them all like bootleg software--and you crash or die shortly after detection. Apparently if bit-sector/perfect copies aren't made of the original image then the game detects when it has been copied and things go downhill from there quickly.

My original Drakkhen floppy, of course, long ago went to where all floppies go when they die (so long ago I can't recall it), and this little romp has reminded me of how much "fun" I had in the 80's with Amiga floppies...or, just floppies in general, that is. I must've had the patience of Job in those days... of the things I like about the Amiga version (that it looks like I won't get to experience) are the sound-effects of the clashing weapons in the game(!), over and above the other sounds and the nice Amiga stereo soundtrack--those fighting sounds actually add a lot to the game, imo.

The 256-color VGA version, though far less buggy--no lockups yet--and better looking graphically than the Amiga version--doesn't seem to have the weapon-clashing sound effects...I can't find them anywhere if they are present...all I get from the VGA version is a decent stereo sound track and some pseudo sound effects--but zero fighting sound effects. Weird all around as the VGA version actually has a control under its "Music" settings (available through the disk menu) that allows adjustment of the "music" and "sound" volumes separately--but nothing seems to be there for "sounds"...

I never give up on these things, though...I'll keep looking for a decent Amiga image file...Thanks again...! I take it you are not having similar problems with your system & AF'14...?

I also noticed with this game that the character disk seems plagued with read-write problems--just like a real 880k floppy..oh, joy...But that's something we can do without, right? I've experimented with many a character-disk image--which is nothing before the game saves to it but a blank, formatted floppy--and I've had "read error" problems and problems in which the game suddenly doesn't recognize the character disk floppy anymore...Still at it though...

Take care, and thanks again!
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