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Originally Posted by Cylon View Post
Well, i tried to compile it, and it doesn't work instantly. Samples are "illegal". Dunno (adding a #nosound-condition solved that). Still, even not seen your src now, i can give you some hints, e.g. always use DEFTYPE to declare all non-declared variables (you forgot in your wip src-even the vbi-counter in that quirky select routine was quick instead of int), nest AND conditions, split OR conditions, precalc variables when they never change inside loops and so on. When loading files while already in Blitzmode, switch to QAmiga mode first (missed that one too), otherwise the exe could crash or misbehave.
The game didn't compile with the debugger for a long time - but there's more that I was doing that blitz considered illegal - doesn't make it bad as such! I still code without the de-bugger, I was amazed recently that it actually worked when I was trying to find the source of a recent error (as expected I'd run out of memory).
You should realise surely that quirky select routine is just that - knocked up in 5 minutes before release just so that players could change the number of goons. I was sure that DEFTYPE defines the 'default' variable type so there's no point in using that to define every variable, simply suffix a .b/.w/.l when the variables are initially set. Every variable in the game is an integer - so there's no point in worrying about it is there? These days I'm using assembler variables which need to be defined in a statement. I find also that for converting routines to assembler it helps if the BASIC is as simple as possible to begin with. Pre-calc'ing the variables that don't change in a loop - sure, but what makes you think that the variable isn't changing? It would be a constant otherwise - and back then there weren't any of those. If again you're talking about the number goons for the list - then sure that could be remedied, but would require a restart of the game to change. I left it as a variable anticipating the demo would return to the title screen at some point (which it didn't).

The QAmiga was definitely missed back then (probably the first time I'd ever used it, tbh), but it doesn't hurt to be reminded.
If the sounds were illegal then I wouldn't have been able to load them right?
I generally find that the source of others is difficult to compile straight off the bat because setups can vary so much between the ide, even in Blitz.

I like the fact that you're looking at the source and I guess you're the only one doing so. Would you like to see the real thing? It doesn't look much, but she's got it where it counts =). Again you'll see short cuts abound, perhaps you really can help remedy that. I don't mean to sound cold - but don't bother if all you're looking to do is make a 'name' for yourself shitting over this thread. There's enough of that already. Consider one thing - advice is all well and good (if that's actually what is - which appears to be the case), but it's only going to go so far if I'm doing the actual coding - in other words, what exactly do you want out of this? If you want to prove yourself as a coder - there are other ways that I'm sure I don't need to point out.
So I don't code like you, but why make that your problem unless you're actually prepared to do something about it? Let's put that to work...

Originally Posted by Adrian Browne View Post
Love the shitty new name "Beats of fire". It literally means nothing.
Glad you like it. Beats of Rage is an obvious starting point. Never heard of the film 'Streets of Fire'? It was supposedly a major influence on Final Fight - including Michael Pare as main protagonist, Tom Cody. Some time after I started this I had an urge to include elements from that film and in line with other beat 'em ups, including attacking bikers that could sweeten up the long fight in front of the statue of liberty, a brand new level at the very end and new boss (I never did like Belger as a boss).

Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
A lawyer sends a single letter and everyone starts shitting themselves? This is just pathetic. Grow a pair and release the game exactly as you intended!
Pedant's pants are still warm and dry although these days I'm wearing brown leather just in case . But I'm not putting up with all the - lets call it 'admin' on this thread just to get stung. If Capcom give permission then I may still release it as Final Fight - but for a long time (since the maturity of the engine) I've been desiring to do my own thing with it. Recent events have tipped the odds in the favour of doing something different - call that an excuse, if you will.

Anyway, how about 'Sheets of Beige?' Since there's all this talk of me proverbially pooing one's undies?

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