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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
Galahad release and then there are 2 Flashtro trained versions. The 2nd Flashtro version (Jul 30, 2006) the trainer for infinite lives is disabled after beating the boss, so the game can continue.

I'll go ahead and upload both final versions to the Zone.
This bugged me at the time, and its still bugging me now.

I 100% cracked it the same as CFOU did. I've just checked his code in his slave, and I did it the exact same way as he did, setting up the various memory addresses to fool the game into thinking it had already done all its checking and the correct values were where they needed to be.

I repacked the entire game using Propack so I could get it back onto one disk like the original, and i've NEVER had a problem with it fucking data up.

I'm still at a loss as to why this doesn't work properly

I've just spent an hour with it, and all checksum data is stored correctly.... it really, REALLY should just be working

EDIT: I've even just checked all the blitter fixes I did for it in game incase one of those was incorrect.... they were all good.

Is there a pattern to my version crashing? Is it always blam, after level 10 it immediately crashes? Or is it level 23 it crashes? I've just played it several times, and I haven't had it crash yet and that was level 12.

EDIT 2: Is this crashing on real hardware or through WinUAE?

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