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Well, I got the crashing sorted out...just had to go with yet-another-copy of the game (older copies seem to corrupt easily for some reason) and pull back on the Amiga emulation speeds--games seems to prefer stock Amiga 500 environment...!... I love tinkering, if you can't tell...glutton for it, actually. Get more fun out of getting things to work than I do playing the games, sometimes.

Still getting other problems--now, for some inexplicable reason I've started getting audible static in the game--even after rebooting my box...! It's probably related to a UAE (3.0) setting--just scratching my head on how I could go hours twiddling with the game under UAE with no static at all--but now I'm getting it every time I run the game/UAE. (Re-installation of my RealTek drivers is next up...)

BTW, a billion-and-one "Thanks!" Toni...this program is a masterpiece and I've been using it for years but haven't said much until now...! My A4000 with Z3 Fastlane, Sunrize Audio card, 1GB scsi, and a videotoaster is in my closet--it runs fine (AREXX scripting with PMT was so grand back in the day!)--just not as well as WinUAE and my current Windows box (which back in '87 I never thought I'd hear myself say...!)

Back to the salt mines...(not really...I love it...) Any Drakkhen tips from anyone would be appreciated...!

Emulation box at home:

AMD FX-6300 @ 4.5GHz, stock cooling & voltage
AMD HD 7850 2GB @ 1.05GHz core, stock memory speeds
2.5TB HD space; 8 partitions spanning 5 physical drives, including 1TB of RAID 0 goodness
8 GB dual-channel RAM (bus @ stock speed)
RealTek 892/ stereo phones
Win8.1 x64 (Desktop configured with Metro buried underneath Explorer.exe...) Win10 on another partition for dual boot--not running WinUAE there yet 'cause 10 is clearly not ready for prime time)

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