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UAE 3.0 problems with Drakkhen

(put a close copy of this thread in Amiga Forever support--because I'm experiencing the problem in both AF'14 & WinUAE 3.0.)

After working with-I-don't-know-how-many-Drakkhen disk 2's & character disks...I finally got the game to run from UAE 3.0. After entering the first castle and taking the door to the extreme left, walking into the next room, when I try and go through the left door in that room...the game locks up every time. I'm guessing that this was just a buggy game when it launched, but still...(btw, same exact thing happens when I launch the game from AF'14--same lockup, same place.)

It occurs to me while writing this that maybe I'll go back in UAE and set the options to open up in full-screen *hardware* mode, as I'm running it it stretched to fill the screen--although I would not expect that to be a problem, you never know...

(Interesting contrast...I am also running the 256-color VGA version of the game ("ported" from the Amiga version, as I understand, or else just written after the Amiga version shipped), and I have to say that graphically (surprisingly) the VGA version easily beats the Amiga version, especially inside the castles. The VGA version uses a sb16 for its sound track (not those gosh-awful speaker beeps!) and I find it a match for the Amiga's stereo soundtrack--although both soundtracks are different. In 89/90 many PC games were still restricted to beeps and the "VGA" was usually just 16-color EGA ported into VGA output--but this game makes use of a full 256-color palette. Also, I don't have the bugs I've experienced with the Amiga version. IMO, Drakkhen PC was done unusually well for PC games of that period.)

Still, I'd like to make better use of the Amiga version if possible, and would greatly appreciate any hints (I know which disks to boot from, and so on--that's not a problem at present.)
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