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I am only mentioning games that havent been mentioned yet.

Ollie & Lisa (or at least name was close to that) - its not that it is so good a game, but rather that it was one of the first (if not first) decent jump n run type of pd game release for amiga in its time. I think it was one of the first pd games i ever got to play, or at least first one that seemed like close to commercial quaolity in those days.

Total War - Risk clone made with Amos. AI might not be that brilliant etc. but it is quite a nice Risk clone.

Space Monopoly - this was interesting business game where money only kept growing, in that sense it has some slight similarity to atoms where the amount of atoms kept growing too.

Charr - Similar to scorched tanks, except i didnt really like scorched tanks much, but i did like Charr. starnge no one else mentioned this. If i correctly remember, it was maybe even so that the same guy who made charr later made worms or something like that.
Main point with charr was that instead of shooting one bullet at a time, you were able to shoot several bullets, even different types of bullets at a time, in different ways. You could for example shoot 10 bullets and decide to shoot them as bombardment, that way you could for example shoot Big blast - dud - big blast - dud - big blast... combination to make a really deep whole without wasting so much ammo, as that dud ammo would cost you nothing to shoot, and big blast would have4 more time to make deeper hole before shooting next bullet. Or, you could first shoot a big hole where your enemy drops, and then right after shoot lava after to make your enemy be surrounded by lava completely. And instead of bombarding, you could also shoot for example bombing run way, like bomber would be dropping them one at a time, etc. So much more options that scorcched tanks had.

GRAC makers and hes brothers adventure games are actualyl really good star trek kind of adventures. I played them only about 5 years ago, and i was impressed how good they were. So they have definetily stood the test of time. I still ahvent got to play, i think it was Epsilon 9, since it just wouldnt start on my A1200, but complains of missing room or something.

Empire - the game that was before Civilization that reminds you of civilization. I doubt it would be very good anymore.

Star Trek - by Tobias? something i think. Not that its very good anymore, but it used to be somewhat high praised Star Trek pd game.

Lord of Alcandria II and III - Very good GRAC point´n´click adventure game unfinished trilogy which unfortunately still havent got the first episode to it. It reminds Monkey Island in its feel a lot, and it is a freeware game at its finest.

Chaos0.7 - I liked this version best from total chaos aga. However, I have been planning of buying the newest Tota Chaos AGA for couple of years already, just still havent got done it to see what it looks now, if it have now surpassed the 0.7 version which i very fondly remember. Despite all the things that version was lacking, it just simply worked so nice that none of the newer version i tried, hadnt been able to draw me to them, but i instead continued playing 0.7.

I might write more names when i figure out the names again.
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