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Careful - in my experience, for whatever reason (even though I _think_ it's only doing map-the-screen-onto-a-plane with optional FX streams), 3D performance is surprisingly a major factor. My Pentium N3530 is enough to plow through the vast majority of MAME titles using Direct3D as a draw surface, but seems to be inadequate to even keep Workbench going at 60fps without major sound lag (for which I have very little rational explanation). DirectDraw works better, but not perfect, and (for instance) the end of the Odyssey demo (basic A500 configuration, run from floppy) with scrolling credits falls behind on simply drawing frames, regardless of how high I set frameskip.

I verified that the correct Direct3D, et al downloaded and installed (running Windows 8.1 64-bit), and the logs look clean, it's just pitifully slow, unlike any other emulator I've tried (it's a Dell Inspiron 11 3000 - very nice GP laptop/tablet otherwise!).

tl;dr there may be more to adequate basic WinUAE performance (completely ignoring PPC, etc.) than just the processor.

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