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Originally Posted by leathered View Post
I think the speed I'm getting from it now is decent - that said I'd be happy to talk about it - it can't hurt my knowledge of the subject; be aware that given the time I have to work on it I'd rather be doing that than talking too much! But shoot =)
I've left the early source there more as a reference that some may find useful for certain things; setting up displays etc. There's also a basic engine posted there - well optimised or not!
Well, i tried to compile it, and it doesn't work instantly. Samples are "illegal". Dunno (adding a #nosound-condition solved that). Still, even not seen your src now, i can give you some hints, e.g. always use DEFTYPE to declare all non-declared variables (you forgot in your wip src-even the vbi-counter in that quirky select routine was quick instead of int), nest AND conditions, split OR conditions, precalc variables when they never change inside loops and so on. When loading files while already in Blitzmode, switch to QAmiga mode first (missed that one too), otherwise the exe could crash or misbehave.
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