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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
Emily Booth also shows her "talents" in low budget horror movie "Cradle of Fear"
She's credited as "Emily Bouffante" in that, and she's also in "Inferno" - though I have it on DVD I haven't watched it yet (it wouldn't play on my DVD player at the time, but *should* work on my laptop).
Aswell as in "Doghouse" a UK zombie flick (highly recommended!) as a zombie.

According to IMDB she's done quite a few films recently, though I haven't heard of any of them (other than the ones mentioned here).

Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
If anyone (Lonewolf!) is that much of a fan of her at least, I think I have a DVD of it that came from blockbusters selling off old hire discs. I could probably encode & upload it if wanted!!
Thanks, but my internet connection speed isn't fast enough and I currently don't have sufficient space left on my harddrive either (less than 800MB space left!).
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