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Tutorial: Share clipboard between OS4.1 and Windows

Apologies if this has been documented elsewhere. These instructions are tailored for OS4.1 Final Edition, but should work on any edition of OS4.x.

0. First, configure your PC to have a static IP address. For example:

1. Have the A2065 ethernet device configured and working within OS4.

2. Make sure WinUAE is configured for "SLIRP + Open ports (21-23,80)"

3. Download clipo from

4. Extract the archive within OS4 and copy "clipo" from aos4.x, to C:

5. Open S:Network-Startup in a text editor, and add the following line at the end:

Run <>NIL: clipo --clip_loop 22 23

6. Extract the clipo.lha archive within Windows and edit win32/clipo.ini like so:

local_ip =
local_port = 23
remote_ip =
remote_port = 22

(The local and remote IP addresses are the same because of the way SLIRP works)

7. Reboot OS4 (or run clipo manually).

8. Run clipo.exe in Windows.

Use alt+s to send clipboard information from either OS to the other. For example, on Windows, first use ctrl+c and then alt+s. On OS4, use ramiga+c then alt+s.

This isn't really *sharing* the clipboard like it is when using OS3, but it saves a lot of time!

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